All About CFDC

CFDC stands for Cuizon Furniture Display Center, it was founded last 1998, it was once named as Cuizon’s Interior Design by Ernesto Cuizon the founder of CFDC, but was renamed for legal purposes. Unfortunately, up to now we really don’t have a Display Center yet because mostly we made those who are ordered from the customers.

Most of the works handled in our area are those on the interior designs but we also work on other things. We already made kitchen cabinets, island modules, walk-in closets, hanging cabinets, book shelves, information desks, computer tables, office tables, locker rooms  and cubicle partitions for BPO companies and also TV rack for entertainment room, and etc. We also made kiosk and stalls like the Auntie Annes located in SM Cebu and Ayala Mall Center, and others  like Fruitshaker, Mix n’ Stir and Zagu. We also have projects in UC-Med Hospital as well as in Chong-Hua Hospital at the moment. We also worked on different subdivisions or condos and other residences.